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We specialize in Berry Amendment compliant uniforms.

Uniform Clothing
Uniform Outerwear
Other Clothing & Accessories
Uniform Clothing

0211JKL100% Polyester Wicking Polo (Assorted Colors)$59.95
0230A100% Cotton Short Sleeve Polo (Assorted Colors)$62.95
0240A100% Cotton Long Sleeve Polo (Assorted Colors)$70.95
0211JKLE100% Polyester Wicking Polo, Embroidered (Assorted Colors)$64.95
1208Crewneck Sweatshirt, 50/50 Poly/Cotton Fleece (Gray, Navy)$28.95
2926HWTactical Hot Weather Combat Blouse (Various Colors and Patterns)$144.95
2956HWTactical Hot Weather Combat Trouser (Various Colors and Patterns)$158.95
3300CAdvanced Combat Coat, NYCO, OCP$142.95
3360CSpecial Design Combat Coat, VTS$118.95
3300TAdvanced Combat Trouser, NYCO, OCP$152.95
3360TSpecial Design Combat Trouser, VTS$109.45
5500CAdvanced Combat Coat, FR Ripstop, OCP$224.95
5500TAdvanced Combat Trouser, FR Ripstop, OCP$236.95
8208Sweatpant, Elastic Waist, 50/50 Poly/Cotton Fleece (Gray, Navy) $28.95
WTS/S Wicking Tee (Black, Brown, OD, Sand, White)$9.95
WT-3PKS/S Wicking Tee (Black, Brown, OD, Sand, White) - 3 Pack$29.95
CJS1625FR Coverall, Unlined with Velcro Package (Khaki, Navy)$115.95
CWTS/S Wicking Tee (Black, Brown, OD, Sand, White)$9.95
CWT-3PKS/S Wicking Tee (Black, Brown, OD, Sand, White) - 3 Pack$29.95
ACUCOAT50/50 NYCO Rip ACU Coat (Various Colors and Patterns)$124.95
ACUCOATFP50/50 NYCO Rip ACU Coat, Female (Various Colors and Patterns)$124.95
ACUCOATPCRP/C Rip ACU Coat (Various Colors and Patterns) $124.95
ACUKITCoat and Trouser, NYCO Ripstop (Various Colors and Patterns) $309.95
ACUTROUSER50/50 NYCO Rip ACU Trouser (Various Colors and Patterns)$124.95
ACUTROUSERFP50/50 NYCO Rip ACU Trouser, Female (Various Colors and Patterns)$124.95
ACUTROUSERPCRP/C Rip ACU Trouser (Various Colors and Patterns)$124.95
A2CUCOATA2CU Nomex Combat Coat (MC)$295.95
A2CUTROUSERA2CU Nomex Combat Trouser (MC)$290.95
BDU2COAT50/50 NYCO Rip BDU 2 Pocket Coat (Black, DES, WDL) $99.95
BDU4COAT50/50 NYCO Rip BDU 4 Pocket Coat (Black, DES, WDL)$99.95
BDUTROUSER50/50 NYCO Rip BDU Trouser (Black, DES, WDL)$99.95
FDP30FR Cargo Pant (Black, Khaki, Navy)$129.95
FRACUCOATPFR 4-Pocket Coat, ACU, Permethrin (UCP, MC)$224.95
FRACUPANTPFR Trouser, ACU, Permethrin (UCP, MC)$219.95
FRCLFR Cotton Coverall, Lined (Black, Navy, Royal, Orange, Natural)$274.95
FRCUFR Cotton Coverall, Unlined (Black, Navy, Royal, Orange, Natural)$99.95
FRNCCFR Nomex Combat Coat (MC)$298.95
FRNCPFR Nomex Combat Pant (MC)$285.95
MIL700NStretch Combat Shirt (OCP)$144.95
MIL719NFR Stretch Combat Shirt (OCP)$194.95
MIL819NFR Stretch Combat Shirt (NWU Type III)$259.95
N1FSSAviator Flight Suit (Black, Khaki, Sage)$274.95
NWUCOATNWU Coat, NYCO Ripstop (NWU I, NWU III)$137.95
NWUCOATPNWU Coat, NYCO Ripstop, Treated (NWU I, NWU III)$145.95
NWUTROUSERNWU Trouser, NYCO Ripstop (NWU I, NWU III) $159.95
NWUTROUSERPNWU Trouser, NYCO Ripstop, Treated (NWU I, NWU III)$167.95
SCCOATSpecialized Design Combat Coat (Various Colors and Patterns)$159.95
SCTROUSERSpecialized Design Combat Trouser (Various Colors and Patterns)$167.95
X3241Moisture Wicking Tee, S/S (Various Colors)$39.95
X3248Moisture Wicking Tee, L/S (Various Colors)$42.95
X3241CSSMoisture Wicking Custom Silkscreen Tee (Various Colors)$44.95

Uniform Outerwear

RPB-2375Rain Poncho, Waterproof (ABU, COY, DES, MC, UCP, WDL)$199.95
RPLBRain Poncho Liner (ABU, COY, DES, MC, UCP, WDL)$199.95
5256-060USCG Foul Weather II Parka (Black, USCG Blue) $399.95
5656-060USCG Foul Weather Pant (Black, USCG Blue)$329.95
GENIIIL3TOPGen III ECWCS L3 Jacket (Coyote, Foliage) $129.95
GHS3PAdvanced Protection Hard Shell Parka (Various Colors and Patterns)$428.95
GHS3TAdvanced Protection Hard Shell Trouser (Various Colors and Patterns)$274.95
THL3PTactical High Loft Parka (Urban Gray)$359.95
THL3TTactical High Loft Trouser (Urban Gray)$359.95
TSS3PTactical Soft Shell Parka (MC, OCP, UCP)$259.95
TSS3TTactical Soft Shell Trouser (MC, OCP, UCP)$249.95
THS3PTactical Hard Shell Parka (Black, MC, OCP, UCP)$295.95
THS3PMTactical Hard Shell Parka, Modified $189.95
THS3TTactical Hard Shell Trouser (Black, MC, OCP, UCP)$249.95
THS3TMTactical Hard Shell Trouser, Modified $169.95
TWS3PTactical Wind Shirt (MC, OCP)$139.95
UWCUtility Work Coverall, NYCO Ripstop (Various Colors and Patterns)$179.95
WEPUSN/USMC WEP Jacket (Black, OD)$439.95
27/P-10ANomex Uniform (Various Colors)$449.95
6556Safety Windbreaker (Black, Navy, OD)$109.95
6557RTraffic Rain Coat, Waterproof with Reflective (Lime, Navy, Yellow)$109.95

Other Clothing & Accessories

0254S/S Supplex Tactical Shirt (Various Colors)$82.95
0255L/S Supplex Tactical Shirt (Various Colors)$94.95
0597ODUSWool Blanket, 66"x84", US Logo, OD$101.95
0950AHelmet Cover, NYCO Ripstop (Various Colors and Patterns) $39.95
117-8699Duffle Bag with Straps (Black, OD)$60.95
1205ZFR Combat Shirt (Black, Khaki, Navy)$229.95
201KHNKevlar Combat Glove, Hard Knuckle (Black, Sage, Tan) $69.95
201KPNKevlar Combat Glove, Padded Knuckle (Black, Sage, Tan)$69.95
31MS5" Performance PT Short (Black, OD)
Twill Ball Cap (Various Colors)
27/P-10ANomex Combat Suit (Various Colors)$399.95
3630BTwill Ball Cap (Various Colors)$14.95
501Knit Glove Insert, Wool/Nylon (Black, OD)$6.95
52BBGLWelding Glove, Gener$54.95
58MS7" Polyester PT Short (Black, OD)$22.95
7756Poncho, Nylon Ripstop (ABU, Black, Coyote, Multicam)$69.95
9870GFXTUTowel, White$29.95
A36525A3 Flyer's Kit Bag (ABU, Black, Coyote, OD)$94.95
ACUSHORTPCRACU Short, P/C Ripstop (Various Colors and Patterns)$75.95
AF-GLSlip on Rank Tab, Multicam (Various Ranks)$3.95
AF-SVVelcro Rank Tab, Multicam (Various Ranks) $3.95
AJ1090CSS5" Inseam PT Short w/ Brief and Custom Screen (Various Colors)$46.95
AJ801DCSSS/S Wicking PT Shirt w/ Custom Screens (Various Colors)$40.45
AJ850CSSS/S Wicking Polo Shirt w/ Custom Screen (Various Colors$64.95
AJ901DCSSL/S Wicking PT Shirt w/ Custom Screens (Various Colors)$42.95
ASEPExternal Elbow Pad (Various Colors)$32.95
ASKPExternal Knee Pad (Various Colors)$39.95
AW1050PCCSSFleece Blend PT Pant w/ Custom Screen (Various Colors)$67.95
AW1080CSS9" Inseam PT Short w/ Brief and Custom Screen (Various Colors)$55.45
BB900PCCSSFleece Blend Crewneck Top w/ Custom Screens (Various Colors)$64.95
BB910PCCSSFleece Blend Hoodie w/ Custom Screens (Various Colors)$69.95
BDUSHORTPCRP/C Rip BDU Short (Various Colors and Patterns)$84.95
BPF1068Face Mask, Personal Protection Barrier$13.95
BSEPBasic External Elbow Pad (Various Colors)$31.95
BSKPBasic External Knee Pad (Various Colors)$37.95
CECustom Emblem (Various Colors and Designs)$11.45
CSPFTactical Twill Ball Cap (Various Colors and Patterns) $32.95
CWLCold Weather Liner, Fleece (WDL) $79.95
CDWGCold Weather Glove, Leather Palm (Black, Coyote)$64.95
CDWGWCold Weather Glove, Waterproof (Black, Coyote)$199.95
CEHBHelmet Band with Cat's Eye (Various Colors)2.95
CTCSSCotton S/S Tee w/ Silkscreen (Various Colors)$29.95
DP1775-MMCLEP, Defender Plus, USMC$13.95
EBCCustom Embroidered Ball Cap$29.95
ECHHC-NCTECH Helmet Cover, NYCO Twill (Arctic White)$27.95
FLAGEmbroidered Flag Emblem (Various Colors)$6.95
FLAG-IRIR Flag with Velcro$19.95
FLY 101Summer Flyers Glove, Nomex (Black, Foliage, Sage, Tan)$34.95
FRXTU09-LLeather Slider Glove (Various Colors)$103.95
FRXTU99FR Shooters Glove (Various Colors)$98.95
HWCHot Weather Cap (DES, WDL)$15.95
ICDS5BIndia Climate Defense System 5 Bottom$378.95
ICDS5TIndia Climate Defense System 5 Top$419.95
ICWGIntermediate Cold Weather Glove, Nomex (Foliage)$195.95
IPNTIndura Cotton Work Pant$119.95
ISHTIndura Cotton Work Shirt$89.95
JCR50/50 NYCO Boonie Hat (Various Colors and Patterns)$24.95
LWGLeather Work Glove (Black, Tan)$54.95
MC8P8-Point Cap, NYCO Ripstop (Various Colors and Patterns)$19.95
MSSModular Sleep System (WDL)$599.95
PCR50/50 NYCO Patrol Cap (Various Colors and Patterns)$17.95
PLZPoncho Liner, Zippered (Various Colors)$199.95
SBLSleeping Bag Liner, Uninsulated$108.95
TAPEWoven Uniform Tape (Various Colors)$4.95
UDTUDT Short$47.95
UTTPCRUtility Tactical Trouser, P/C Ripstop (Various Colors)$95.95
WB3070-GRYWool Blanket, 62"x80", Gray$20.95
WCPCotton Pique Polo Shirt$69.95